"Jenny was hired as an independent designer, part of a large design team we have hired to a major design task of the R&D. With her high CAD skills, developed design thinking and very high 3d interpretation, she shined above and led the team and the project to a perfection. The models and products she took part in creation are fine and flawless. Jenny has a strong work ethic, she is true to her beliefs as a designer and a person. She has a holistic perception regarding the product and the design process, which is clear and efficient. Along with that she is very open minded for new ideas, experiments and collaborative team work. Honest and loyal."

Netta Shalgi  Founder and C.E.O of Travel-Light Ltd


"Jenny brings meaningful values as a designer with the ability to implement new ideas while considering relevant surrounding constraints. She does this whilst maintaining high aesthetic values. Jenny has personal responsibility for the projects she was involved with, as well as general willingness to be active in the team life and progress. On a personal level it was a great joy working with Jenny, and we already know that we are going to miss her. We have nothing but appreciation to Jenny and her contribution to OTOTO Design LTD. We believe that Jenny will have major contribution to any organization she will be part of." 

Ori Saidi & Daniel Gassner Founders of OTOTO Design LTD