product imagery creation

art directing / styling / rendering / photo editing

Product imagery could well be the single most important design aspect of any e-commerce website. Without the ability to touch, hold, smell, taste or otherwise handle the products they are interested in, potential customers have only images to interact with. Ultimately, the softer, tastier, flashier and more attractive your products look to shoppers, the more confident they’ll feel about purchasing from you and the better your conversion rate will be. While any product can look great in a photo, keep in mind that your images should match your website’s overall aesthetic and your company’s image. 

After the design process is done and the first model is ready for photo shoot, it is very important to arrive as ready as possible to this day. I am here to assist and help with all your needs for this exciting day. From building a visual concept, locating the most complementing accessories and building the shooting set - I am here to make the magic happen. I help and advise on the right styling for the perfect photo shooting day. Don't worry if you haven't found the perfect accessory / something is missing / colors aren't right - I am here to make the magic happen by editing and retouching the image to achieve the most attractive result for your business. Now you are ready to incorporate high-quality product photos onto your website.